Recommended Tools

1) Practice Journal

  • All students are required to have a lesson journal to record lessons and assigned exercises. While this can be done with any journal the Moleskin Large Art Music Notebook (linked above) is highly recommended.

2) Tonal Energy Tuner – AppleAndroid

  • Total Energy Tuner is a highly functional tuner, metronome, recorder, and sound analysis tool that I recommend every one of my students own. It is well worth the modest cost and serves as an all in one practice tool. Since I do require every student to own a metronome and tuner this app allows you to have high quality versions of both in one package.

3) Decibel X Pro – AppleAndroid

  • Decibel X is a great software for empirically measuring your total volume output. There is a free version of this app as it can be expensive. This is a great tool for determining your total volume output and if you are able to play softer or louder over time.

4) Astra Air Trainer

  • The Astra Air Trainer is a breathing tool that I use with many of my students to teach proper air support and utilization.

5) Breathing Bag

  • A breathing bag is a breath exerciser that I use with many of my students to work on air capacity while preventing hyperventilation. It also serves as a way to approximate the total volume of air that a student is capable of inhaling.

6) ForScore – Apple

  • ForScore is an Apple-only app that allows you to organize your sheet music. I highly recommend this app for every musician who uses an iPad to store their sheet music.

7) iReal Pro – AppleAndroid

  • If you are interested in improvisation iReal Pro is an indispensable way to play with a rhythm section to practice standards, improvisation, or to use as a backing track for progression exercises.