Lesson Information

Troy Sargent is available for in-home trumpet lessons in Orange County and nearby areas and is available for online trumpet lessons through Zoom. Please use the contact form on this site for more information and scheduling.

Choosing a Lesson Length

Lesson Pricing

Lesson Contract (PDF)

Zoom Settings for Online Lessons

If you are a student at FVHS or PHS, Troy may be able to offer lessons at your school with no travel charge. Talk to Troy during practice or use the contact form for more information and scheduling.

Troy is currently on the faculty at the Huntington Beach School of Music and is available for trumpet lessons at their studio if an option in your home is not availiable. To book a lesson at this facility please visit their website linked below.

Huntington Beach School of Music

All students are required to have a lesson journal to record lessons and assigned exercises. While this can be done with any journal the Moleskin Large Art Music Notebook is highly recommended. They can be ordered at the Amazon link below.

Recommended Notebook