New Student Questionnaire

In order to make our first few lessons as seamless as possible I like to have each new student fill out these questions and email them to me using the contact form on this website.

Please use the Subject line: New Student Questionnaire: (Your name here)

Students Full Name:

Approximate Student Age:

Has the student played an instrument before?

Can the student read music?

Does the student have braces or expect to get them?

Does the student have their own instrument already?

If the student has already been playing, tell me about a typical playing week. (How much you practice, any rehearsals you attend, etc.)

Is there any material you know you will be using? (For instance: a book required for your band)

Are there any pedagogical schools you are already familiar with or use regularly? (For instance: Stamp, Stevens, Adam, Maggio, Gordon, Reinhardt, etc)

What are you hoping to get out of our lessons? (Goals?)