If you are my student, chances are I have given you a bit of important information that was unfortunately misunderstood, missed, or even forgotten. It happens to everyone (we are not perfect after all) and it’s certainly happened to me.

If you aren’t my student. Chances are there is some aspect of brass / trumpet playing that you are having trouble understanding and can’t seem to find an answer. That’s happened to me too and is probably actively happening to me as you read this.

I hope this section of my website can be useful to you in either case.

This blog is dedicated to sharing information that I feel is important to being successful as a brass player. Specifically, information that is extensive, has nuances that are difficult to compleatly communicate on the fly, or things that I find myself explaining repeatedly. Basically, anything I think needs to be in your brain I will write about here (eventually). While this may be targeted at my students, anyone and everyone is absolutely welcome to read, comment, and ask questions.

My goal here is to create a repository of pedagogical ideas and concepts that can be referenced anytime. I also want to write these things out for my own sake so I can refine my pedagogy further and see how my own teaching and ideas are developing overtime. I also plan to link to other blogs, videos, and posts that have related ideas so that my students can get good information from multiple sources easily. I am NOT the “be all end all” of brass playing by any means. However, I believe my ideas can help.

I’m sure some of these posts will be delightfully short while others will be frustratingly long. I promise to work to write in a way that is as clear as possible while fully covering the issue. If anything isn’t well explained please comment and I will discuss and edit as needed. I also plan to write as informally as possible however, I know some of my readers will be my younger students and so I will be sure to keep things “PG.” I also can’t promise that I will write new posts on any particular schedule due to my other responsibilities (or running out of ideas). Please subscribe to the blog if you want to be kept 100% up to date. Otherwise, please check in regularly.

If you have any topics you would like me to cover in a post please comment below. I hope you find the information here helpful.

With all that in mind, thanks for stopping by!

⁃ Troy

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