New Horn Recommendations: New Players / Beginning Players

The below instruments are those that I commonly recommend for new players with a few notes on each one. Any of these horns will serve a player through their beginning and into their intermediate years of playing. However, at some point all of these instruments will hold a player back and will need to be replaced with a higher quality instrument. Instruments on the top of this list are more highly recommended. Additionally, if you know your student is interested in playing long term, investing in a higher quality instrument early may help them develop faster and will last longer into their development. I always recommend purchasing the highest quality instruments that you are comfortable with.

One note, this is not an exhaustive list of every single trumpet that is available that falls within this category. These are the instruments that I personally have the most experience with and can recommend (based on needs) without reservation. I have listed what I consider to be the best at several price points.

Links all go to Amazon however, prices can vary significantly at different outlets so shop around for the best price. Amazon is generally close to the lowest price unless a particular model is on sale elsewhere.

Recommended Instruments

Yamaha – YTR 2330 : This is the standard beginner model trumpet that many people start on. It was actually also my first trumpet. It is well constructed, durable, and plays well. You can expect this instrument to last many years and can serve a player well into high school depending on ability. This is my top recommended student trumpet by far due to manufacturing quality and consistency. I have never played a bad example of one of these horns. After upgrading from this instrument many students keep it for use in marching band (so they don’t damage their main horn) or as a backup instrument. This horn is also easy and fairly inexpensive to repair thanks to how common it is. Replacement parts for this horn are often “in stock” at repair centers shortening repair times. While this is the most expensive instrument on this list, the quality easily justifies the price.

Jupiter – JTR 700 : This instrument is a newer contender but is a very high quality instrument. While the Yamaha almost never goes on sale this horn tends to be on sale a few times a year and especially while on sale this horn is the best value on the list. It is well made and can last a player well into their high school career depending on ability. Replacement parts are also easy to find in case of damage. However, they are often not “in stock” at repair centers and may need to be ordered which may delay repair times. However, as this horn becomes more popular this is changing.

Carol Brass – CTR 2000H Student Trumpet : Carol Brass is a relatively new instrument company based out of Taiwan. Their instruments play well and are mechanically very well made. These instruments are a great choice and are affordable. However, repairs with this instrument start to become difficult as parts are not as common but can be ordered. This instrument is currently very difficult to find in a store but are easily available online. This is a solid first instrument that I can easily recommend and should last a player into their high school career.

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