Trumpet Multitrack: Ave Maria – Biebl

Composed: Franz Biebl

Arranged: Troy Sargent

Chanticleer’s recording of this piece is one of my favorite choral works so I thought I would give it a go as a multitrack.

While I only took one video for each part they are actually all doubled.

This project gave me a great opportunity to try out some new recording and mixing techniques as well as a new green screen / camera setup. The new setup resulted in my music stand being in a weird place (hence the squinting). I didn’t notice it when I was originally recording but it’ll be fixed on the next one. Hope you enjoy!

Recording Equipment: Audio captured with an Apogee One, Cloudlifter CL-Z, sE Electronics X1R Microphone and edited using Logic Pro. Video captured with an iPhone X and edited using Final Cut Pro.

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